Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Rankings?

Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Rankings?

In the present day, everyone is primarily focusing on content and social media marketing.

Will it help to boost their website’s SEO rank in Google?

Yes! we all know that contents play a major role in the website’s ranking in any search engine.

But wait… did you hear that a web hosting too can affect your website rank in the search engine, Yes you heard right even a hosting plan can make your ranking up or down in any searching engine.

So the question is how it works and what are the things which affect SEO ranking.

Let’s learn all the factors in details:

Page Load Time

The load time of your website affects not only your visitors but also your SEO Ranking. This is the reason, each search engine optimization blog asking you to make your web page speed as fast as possible. In today’s busy life no one wants to wait, visitors like the website which open quickly otherwise your visitor quit your website if it takes more than 3 to 5 seconds to get load especially on mobile or tab, and the result of this your website’s bounce rate will be high and ranking down.

You can control only a few factors like contents, images, CSS or caching plugins to make your website lite but major role is actually played by your web hosting like gzip compression, leverage browser caching, compiling time of PHP, query speed by MySQL, non breaking constant uptime, server Latency time, IP location, Server response time, fluctuation, etc.

There are many online tools to check your website speed like GtMetrix or Pingdom which tells you the major factors behind the slow speed. If your page speed slows due to your hosting then it’s time to contact your service provider and ask the proper solutions, if your website needs more resources like Ram, Disk Space, CPU Core, or Bandwidth then don’t compromise and upgrade your hosting plan immediately.

If you are using shared hosting for your WordPress website then you should go with the managed WordPress hosting, because these type of hosting are pre-optimised for WordPress and has more power in comparison to regular shared hosting. You can easily find a good WordPress Web Hosting plan here.

Downtime of site affect SEO

Downtime affects website performance and it also creates a bad user experience, thinks if your website is down and your visitor comes up at your site and he got an error, what the impression it will make on your visitor.

On the other hand, if your website is down and search engine comes up to crawl and index your site and it found your website not reachable then search engine will downgrade your website and also can remove previously indexed pages if that was not accessible at the time of crawling.

We all know very well that big brands spending millions of rupees to get their website up and running without any downtime. If you are searching for cheap offers or trapped with 25/mo, 40/mo, etc type of offers than think what will be the level of their service and what will be the availability of uptime.

So while going for cheap web hosting service you should also check the quality and reviews of existing users, because a website availability and uptime is the backbone of your website’s rank in SEO.

Say No to multisite hosting

A multisite hosting plan can host your multiple domains and you can run your other site in the same account but did you think that what happens when someone hacked your website, in that case, all of your websites hosted in a single account will be hacked and infected with the virus.

Let’s take one more scenario if the server crashed or your account suspended due to spamming or the server’s IP got blacklisted then in this case all your websites will be punished. So keep all your websites at the separate Cpanel accounts and keep them safe with virus attack.

Go for SSD Hosting

If you are going to buy a Dedicated Server or VPS web hosting for your website then go for SSD hosting servers because SSD hosting provides you more speed in comparison to regular hard drive servers. In SSD there is no media and rpm it works like your memory card and up to 3X faster then harddrive. So Always choose SSD Web Hosting which gives you more speed and more power.


While choosing your Shared Hosting plan please check the available security features. Is your hosting service provider giving you antivirus with a Cpanel account? Is it has the following features like the Anti-Bruteforce system, DDOS Attack protection, Server firewall? Because only the most secure hosting environment provides the protection which your site needs to boost your SEO. A bad bot can destroy your year’s hard work in just a few minutes.

Always use SSL Certificate for your Website

Chrome SSL Warning An SSL provides your visitor and also search engines to the credibility and authenticity of the website, and in present Google also considers to prefer the sites which have SSL Certificate installed, After a recent update of Chrome Browser all website without any valid SSL will be considered as “Not Secure” sites and chrome will show this warning in the address bar, because SSL protects your online transactions being compromised and gives the secure seal for your website.

Currently, almost every hosting plan is coming with Free SSL Certificate and your India web hosting company will auto-install your certificate in your hosting account so you don’t need to do anything.

How good Hosting can Boost your Sites SEO?

As now have very well aware about the factors of a Hosting then by choosing a good hosting plan you can boost your website rank, so carefully select your hosting provider which gives you fast network and optimized servers for fast loading of your website pages, secured servers and DDOS protection, Free SSL Certificate, and most important a maximum uptime guarantee.

If you consider these points before going to a shared hosting plan you will get good results in your Search Engine Optimization ranking.